Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Joining Forever Living Products At Miami In USA

Dear Friends,
 It is really my pleasure to share the experience of my life to all of you. Firstly before any discussion I would like to thank the almighty GOD who blessed me and offered this opportunity to groom the fresher, the failure and the disappointed guys who joined the team of his near and dear in any MLM, with expectations to be successful. But it could not happen.
     My dear friends, I bluntly want to make you clear that MLM is a bloody battle field where you have to struggle for success with the help of proved system, tools, seminars, and training sessions.
Today I am posting an article “SIX STEPS OF SUCCESS IN NETWORKING”. If you will follow these steps mannerly no one can make you stop to reach your destination.

    THINK BIG- To be successful in your life Firstly start to think big. This is something we don’t do. Whenever someone starts to think big, possibilities start to happen. See an example what I have experienced my life. It is not story; it is the fact which has always been in my mind as a bitter experience. In 1998 I left BIHAR resigning my teacher’s job in search of better career and better income potential. I joined in an MNC as relationship manager. Here I started to get a handsome salary but on the contrary I had to spend extra money to maintain the lifestyle of urban people. So, I started a tuition center for extra earning. I decided to charge lesser fee. It was my first fault. People In that colony thought that there was something wrong so this teacher is charging the least fee. Resultantly only the students from poor background joined me. I had work hard for them for the best result in return of small amount. Hence my part time job became painful.
              After a few months I met a teacher Mr. P.T. Ahuja. He told me Rajesh jee why you are charging small amount in return of your hard mental job. Think big…….
See an example if you have 20 students who are paying rupees 300 then you make Rs. 6000 but you have to work harder to make all students clear the concepts. And if you have only five students who are capable to pay Rs. 1000 then you will make Rs. 5000 only. In the opinion of other there is a loss of Rs. 1000. But my dear friend here you have to work less. So, you will be free to take another batch also. And the most important thing, you will become popular among the people of high status in the society. Now everything was clear to me but I had to take decision to leave that colony to start with Zero. I decided to think big to rock. Oh God ! I did it .

   Believe In you self: - Whenever we take decision to be a winner in particular field. We all have questions about ourselves and regarding our skills. Everybody has to reply with own self. Sometimes it becomes difficult satisfy our selves so, I shall suggest you to get them out immediately from your mind if you don’t , no one can do it for you. Believe in yourself that you can do it and the doors of your success will be opened.
   Share the vision: - Start communicating with your friends and relatives. Share your vision to the people you know. Suppose you have dreamt that you are going to be diamond in next six months then share it to all with confidence. Tell them what are you doing to achieve your goal and how are you arranging all the necessary resources.
   Execute: - Major of destiny seekers are failed because they do not execute their decisions. For success in any field action on time is quite compulsory.  You need to get off the couch and get started. It is damn true that without action nothing will happen.  Thinking big, inner belief and sharing vision will not do any miracle if you do not take action.
   Focus: - Always focus on your own goal. I have never read a story in which any one has succeeded that focused more than one thing at a time. Whenever anyone tries to do many things at a time then exactly he cannot do anything. So, focus on your destination and become successful.
   Never quit: - last but not the least it is quite compulsory to be continued in spite of obstacles. Remember on the moment you decide to be on the top obstacles start. You have concentrate on your goal. Things will happen and there will be several circumstances beyond your control.
No problem ….if you persist, no one can make you stop to be successful.

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Then you are at the right place with right choice at right time.

You are welcome in the greatest business opportunity of the world

Step-1:Thanks for visiting my website. Please be precise with your information while filling out the form below (For Joining, or any other queries). 
You are really blessed because to start the business in California,USA ; you may fill the form online as per your convenience. Just follow these steps carefully :-

How To Join Forever Living Products?

For USA Natives
Step-1- Go to the official website of Forever Living Products for US here.

Step-2- Complete- *Personal Information, *Contact information and *my preference information accurately.

Step-3- Now you have to follow step-4, sponsor information (Select option one to open a blank tab then fill sponsorID-910002306906)

Step-4- Click on search/submit and then reviews your application form.

Step-5- Follow instructions carefully and you are done to join as FLP independent distributor
Do not forget to keep in touch with your sponsor to learn how to be successful in Forever Living Products .
E-Mail Address:*
Rajesh Kumar Giri
Mobile - +91-8527307169/ +91-9716234758

An Illustration Of Income Potential In Forever Living Products According To Efforts

Understand the Compensation Plan Of Forever Living Products

Why should you prefer to join forever living products?
Benefits to Join Forever Living Products As Novus Customer / Forever Business Owner
Forever Living Product is the best as well as unique business opportunity around the globe.
It is because-
  1.  No Joining Fees – Except Application Form
  2. No Annual Fees and No Renewals fees !
  3. Bonuses paid on 100 % Retail values
  4. 21% Automatic Retail profit at all level
  5.  Free company Training & Seminars
  6.   No Warehousing Expenses
  7.  Product delivery at locally as well as nationally
  8.   Never Revert from a Position or level
  9. No Pass ups- Means your down line partner will help you grow forever*
Disclaimer- Undoubtedly every business opportunity does not suit every body. It too, will not work for you if you want be get rich in a day. In this business passion, patience and perfect training with efforts count. 

Begin Your Career With Wholesale Qualified FBO - Assistant Supervisor 
After the generation of Forever Business Owner Id follow the following steps to become wholesale qualified and begin get more benefits and start earning sponsoring or sharing it to friends and family.
ASSISTANT SUPERVISOR LEVEL: ***(You need to use or 2CC's product in personal FBO id)

Benefits to become wholesale qualified - Assistant Supervisor
You then get:
1. 43% Retail Profit
2. Plus 5% Bonus on Personal Sales
3. Plus 5% on New Distributors you recruit every month
It is the first rank that remains forever to get benefits mentioned above forever. Now you may begin to earn with sponsoring and sharing the opportunity.

Some question you may like to be answered-
Does the company have a money back guarantee on the products?

*Yes, we have a money back guarantee! You can try the products and if you are not completely satisfied, just return for a full refund, less the shipping cost.

Is there a risk or is this company a scam?

*No, Forever Living Products Company has been in business for 37 years and operates in over 160 countries all over the world. $2.5+ billion in sales in 2011.

*No, there is no risk and this company is not a scam. Forever Living is an honest company. There are no hidden costs, no monthly fees, no registration fees, and no fees of any kind.

What do I need to to become a distributor?

*Fill out the registration form (use sing up icon) and start a new life. Follow the instructions and you will be a registered distributor of Forever Living Products.
After registering with the company, they will e*mail your ID# and Password and all the information that you need to use your own retail web store.

Forever Business Owner- Rajesh Kumar Giri May Be The Right Choice Because-

  • Online and offline free guidance
  • 7 years of successful experience
  • Dedicated to help business partners earn in highest five figures- efforts count.
  • Help to grow your international business one to one in India
  • 15 years experience in direct selling industry.

 Join With Rajesh Kumar Giri

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