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If YOU have burning DESIRE to achieve YOUR goal then WE are dedicated to make them LIVE ​Of Course you will win if YOU have a solid PURPOSE to fulfill your DREAM.

Feel free to fix an appointment with Rajesh Kumar Giri The Practical Success Coach to take a sip of coffee and discuss "How To Change Your Destiny Forever"

Read it carefully before fixing an appointment with Rajesh Kumar Giri
  • Time is precious and I respect its value and know its worth so you are requested not to fix an appointment to share me your business plan or ideas to make me earn more.
  • I have achieved whatever I have is result of my practical experiences, hard work and learning attitude so I respect people who are dedicated to learn and help others to grow.
  • To the point discussion for an hour about the business opportunity and answer of your queries will help both of us to determine our worth for each-other.
  • Please prepare to invest your quality time for meeting and manage to switch off your mobile phone.
  • Do not accompany any other person without prior discussion.
Fill the form carefully and attach your Identity and address proof because spammers are not solicited


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